Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tumultuous Tuesday

Yesterday's "work office"

So the title of today's post primarily refers to the current weather conditions. Sideways rain, black sky, and an overall sticky-icky feeling in the air. Yesterday got away from me in terms of blogging in the evening, so in short, here was dinner:Chicken and broccoli stir fry (served over couscous)
I used a reduced sodium teryaki sauce which was delish!

Today's frittata was a little low on veggies since we are planning on doing a major shopping tomorrow (Director Doc will be off!):
I am off to attend Body Pump!

So after showering (though the rain did a pretty good job of pre-soaking), I did some work and decided to be a tad adventurous for lunch. I had some of the chix and broccoli leftover from last night but went with kasha as a side dish.

Cooked in my rice cooker with low sodium chix broth, garlic powder, and a few sesame seeds:

It made a ton (and is so economical as I bought it in the bulk bin section of Whole Paycheck and paid $0.69 for the equivalent of 2 cups of kasha) so of course, I broke out the glass snapware for leftovers. This stuff is even good cold!

I proceeded to work on more recipe development ideas but got distracted with laundry and dirty dishes. I am by no means a neat freak, but I get to a point where I look around and decide- ok, it is time to tidy up a bit. Cleaning always makes me hungry (well pretty much anything that consumes my time for more than 30 minutes makes me hungry). So I started rummaging through the fridge (while drinking a huge glass of water-- this is done to distinguish between actual hunger and emotional eating-- but I WAS hungry!) and realized that as with the cleaning, I was tired of saying" I'll wait to go shopping tomorrow." So off I went--

Costco cart (boy did I get some weird looks when I broke out my camera phone and tried to find adequate lighting for a photo-op):

Since I was on a roll, I switched out my giant Costco cart for a pretty red Target cart and headed inside to drier places. Mission accomplished! I managed to get everything on my list (plus an all-natural facial cleanser and eucalyptus-spearmint bath salts), and am pretty tired. Time to watch The Doctors and get mad at their lack of nutritional science knowledge (at least Travis is easy on the eyes-- what can I say, I have a thing for doctors in scrubs!). Dinner will be the shrimp cocktail I bought at Costco served with sauteed onion, red and yellow pepper, and a zucchini. See you tomorrow!

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  1. your stir-fry looks AMAZING! and so do your eggs :) i'm excited for you for your big shopping trip! its always the best feeling to refresh the