Friday, April 15, 2011


Happy Friday, everyone!

SO since the weather is absolutely gorgeous out and Director Doc is off today, we are going to hike [walk at a brisk pace on a relatively flat terrain] the W&OD trail! Back later with a dinner recipe and more fun ways to work out when the weather cooperates.

We made it! What a nice walk. We were walking for about 1hr 20 minutes at a decent pace and discussing upcoming plans for vacation spots and our invention ideas (can't discuss those until we have a patent pending, ha). Afterwards, we headed to Starbucks for an iced decaf americano (for me) and iced chai latte (for Director Doc). Hit the spot! Now we are each in our designated "offices" working on various projects. I plan on making us turkey meatballs (per request) served over a mix of broccoli slaw and Barilla Plus rotini (I like a big bowl of "pasta" so this is a great volumetrics trick).
Warm Weather Workouts:
1) create your own "boot camp" style workout using park benches (great for step ups and assisted lunges), fire hydrants (strategically placed so you can use them as bases to run, skip, leap, etc. to), and curbs (triceps dips, push ups, and run ups)
2) use a partner (enlist in a neighbor, friend, or willing spouse) to throw a ball to, race against, and take turns "leading" a workout session (great for learning new moves and challenging each other)
3) use to create walking, running, and hiking routes (tip: we love to incorporate a productive aspect to our walks by stopping by a grocery store for a healthy beverage or piece of fruit, picking up a Redbox movie and then returning it, or parking at a lot to do some shopping and then exploring the neighboring areas- plus it is fun to check out houses and landscapes)
4) we can't wait for our pool to open and then you will definitely see swimming sessions as part of the daily activities

Being active is easy- just figure out what needs to be done and then brainstorm ideas to make it a physical activity. It won't feel like exercise, and you will kill 2 birds with one stone by getting an errand (or multiple errands) checked off the to do list while getting some fresh air and letting the endorphins flow . . .see you tomorrow!

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