Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Like Eggs!

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate!

As my title suggests, I like eggs. Actually, I love eggs. I ate about 6 today, the whites that is. I had a frittata, matzo and eggs, and 2 hard boiled style. I like to think that I am egg-ceptionally concious of my protein intake. Think of this randomness as my contribution to the Easter celebration. No need to hunt eggs in this house, they are in my belly :)
Love my family!!!

Moving on . . . this week is going to be busy. I hope my GPS does not fail me. I hope my car tires hold up for one more week. I hope the weather does not ruin the GOTR practices this week. My blog goals this week (something I hope to continue in future Sunday posts) will include a few new recipes, workout and motivation tips, and a condition-specific nutrition assessment and care plan example (I promise to make these fun and educational!). See you Monday!

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