Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love when it's wrong!

So when the weather channel calls for rain all day, I am nothing but pleasantly surprised when it is sunny all day instead :) So I started the day with Spinning, came home and had my usual frittata, coffee, and the last muffin (boo). I had plans to go to Yoga, but when I got to the studio, rolled out my mat, and proceeded to take my shoes off, I realized I was going to be the sole yogi. I let the manager know (cause clearly I am the only one who didn't get the memo and he put a sign on the door just as I was heading out). I guess no zen for me today. I proceeded to do some work at home since my 10am meeting got cancelled; but, I was easily distracted when my friend, Bree, suggested a power walk on the W&OD trail. Of course, I went and we chatted about everything going on in our live before we realized that we had done about 4 miles and felt great (talk therapy really works!). Meeting up with friends, or family, does not always have to revolve around food. Walking and talking is a healthy way of venting, brainstorming, and getting a simultaneous endorphin boost all while having great company (and getting our vitamin D fix thanks to Mr. Sun).

I spent the rest of the afternoon visiting with/doing work/chatting with my mom at the community college library before heading home to mow the grass. Dinner tonight is matzo meatloaf (I crushed a sheet of matzo as the binder instead of breadcrumbs) and kale chips. I am freezing a cup of Greek yogurt with a scoop of canned pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, and a few walnuts for my dessert. See you tomorrow!

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