Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So for my friends and family who celebrate Passover, I hope you had a nice seder yesterday. Director Doc and I went to my parent's house for a delicious meal. So the challenge this week will be to eat sans wheat, barley, rye, oats, corn, beans, rice, and any product made with any of those ingredients. Luckily, I am RD who specializes in allergen-friendly fare and am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to alternative ingredients and substitutions. Enter, my first fav, almond meal:

With it, I made almond and banana bread and muffins (portion control!)- great nutrition stats and super tasty!

Passover breakfast included fresh fruit salad, egg white omelet, and a slice of banana almond bread. Balanced, filling, and better than anything made with matzo :) I am off to take Director Doc to a meeting at the hospital. I plan on hanging out in his office and getting my own work done. I wonder if his secretary will make some copies for me, haha. Back later for dinner (after our 90-minute massage, SO excited!!).

I am back. So the weather today has been chaotic, to put it nicely. It went from freezing cold to mild and humid, and from torrential downpour to sunny with blue skies and back to cloudy and dreary again. My mood seems to be mimicking the weather as well. I still managed to be productive and get a ton of work done but did not clean out my car or test drive new cars as planned. The massage was amazing (as usual!!). With all of running, lifting, boot camping, and all-around activity I do, a monthly massage is more than necessary to keep me injury-free (knock on wood) and sane. I highly recommend a sports-specific massage for those of you who do some form of exercise more than 4 days a week. I use it as my motivation and reward for sticking with my "program." A great tip is to find something to use as positive reinforcement for maintaining a healthy lifestyle that contributes to your overall goals. For example, stress reduction is a MUST so massage, taking a hot bath (I highly recommend bath salts for muscle relaxation), aromatherapy (I find the smell of pumpkin so warm and calming that I keep incense in our master bathroom and pumpkin-scented candles scattered around the house), pampering (for both men and women, if you look good, you feel good, period.), and even arts and crafts (I keep coloring books and a huge box of Crayolas in my home office as well as enough scrapbooking supplies to start my own art store!). Whatever you choose, make sure that you are providing yourself with desirable incentives that will make you want to reach your goals and stay on track!

Dinner, served graciously by Director Doc, was chix stir fry with spinach, onion, and red pepper medley. I also ate 2 of my banana almond meal muffins (time to make another batch!). See you tomorrow!

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