Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What to Wear

I need to figure out a new place to take pictures of my clothing options as the light in our bedroom is not photo-friendly. I went with the capris but was warm (it IS 96 degrees here, I should know better). Note to self- you cannot wear heels for more than 10 minutes. I have extremely sensitive feet and the only shoes that do not bother them are sneakers, no joke. I once had to have Director Doc bring the car around after walking the mall in flip-flops. My feet were literally bleeding. I consider it a blessing in disguise as it is healthier to wear shoes that have good arch support and do not put added stress on the ankles, knees, hips, you get the idea . . .

Favorite journal articles this week:

Eating Location Increasingly Important Factor In Diet Of American Children

I think children and adults can relate to the concept of eating among family and friends as well as in a "food-appropriate" setting versus on-the-go while multi-tasking. So get off of the phone, do not eat in your car or in front of the tv/computer, and sit at a table to promote mindful eating.

McDonald's to make Happy Meals more healthful

The fast food chain plans to add a serving of fruit or vegetable to all of the Happy Meals, which are aimed at children, and shrink the portion of French fries.,0,1399047.story

Shrinking the portion of fries is a start, and I am all for the inclusion of produce as long as they are not canned and not merely a sliver of tomato and/or iceberg lettuce.

Hospitals take cultural sensitivity seriously

Staffs learn about various customs to keep patients happy,0,2849109.story

This article reminds me about the importance of the cultural foods class that I took as an elective in college. It served as a great foundation for my culinary knowledge as well as ability to relate to a plethora of ethnic backgrounds. Happy Ramadan for those of you getting ready to observe this coming month.

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