Sunday, July 17, 2011


Working at the GI office (notice the plastic model of a stomach on the window sill. Classy . . .

Director Doc in action!

Director Doc's office. I brought my own lunch (see the cooler on the left with some carrots on the desk, so ME). I also made him the frame with a collage of family photos and adorned the border with cute fortune cookie affirmations.

In other news: CONGRATS to the Fitness Excellence winners:
Laura, Patty, LJ, Allyson, Sarah

I look forward to meeting all of you and helping you achieve your personal health and fitness goals :)

Speaking of fitness, I ran my favorite 13-mile loop today (it has taken almost 3 months to recover from my ankle and knee injuries)!! I AM BACK, and it feels amazing . . . time to go sit in an ice bath after watching such a dramatic end to a close World Cup final. Boo.

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