Monday, July 11, 2011

Mixed Up Monday

I still do not know what day it is . . .

This photo does not do these homemade vegan pancakes justice, but they were SO amazing. Director Doc and I shared them ( I made him stop shoveling them into his mouth so that I could snap a pic). [unpictured] We also shared a vegan carrot "tuna" salad that was out of this world. I am not sure how they did it, but it tasted like real tuna but was basically shaved carrots with diced green onion and a very light dressing to make it the perfect "whipped" consistency. I am in love with the vegan food stand we found at our new fav farmer's market.

Today's Workout:
Spinning Class
35-minute stair mill
45-minute strength training circuit with Director Doc
20-minute easy swim (followed by sitting in the hot tub for a while)

News this Week:
Starting at my new office as part of the GI Associates in Prince William Hospital
8650 Sudley Road # 410, Manassas

Current Projects:
Kid-Friendly Nutrition Education Activities-- any ideas for campers?
Gluten-free bakeries and baked good products-- any favs/websites/contacts?
Fitness Excellence partnership to improve the health of current clients looking to get those results!

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