Sunday, October 2, 2011

Recap of Rain

The rain is still here, and it certainly has cast a dark cloud over everyone I have come in contact with this week. It is evident that bad weather really does impact people's outlook and mood. Even I have been a little down despite taking my vitamin D3, exercising regularly, and eating "good mood foods." It really reminds me why I will not be living in PA again, as it was dreary and cold 95% of the time. Moving on . . .

I thought I would use this rainy Sunday as a time to reflect on the recent family interactions and work appointments. I LOVE helping people. I truly am in the best mood and feel great about myself by being able to enlighten and educate others. Sometimes people do not want my help. Sometimes people who love me also have the ability to hurt me the most. I do not mind giving my family members [and friends!] nutrition advice. I DO mind when they over step their boundaries and then proceed to tell me all of the things they do wrong and plan on continuing to do wrong despite my urges to change those unhealthy habits. As I am writing this post, I am reminded of the mantra that "people need your permission in order to hurt you." It is true that if I let them get me down, then that is where I will be. If I choose to ignore those comments or to rise above them and offer my suggestions with the side note, "this is what the nutritional science states is true" or "I believe this makes then most sense so that is what I purport." Perhaps if I practice this technique, it will become second nature, and I won't get so defensive. Just a thought.

On the foods front, I have made my first pot of turkey chili for the season (with some yummy cornbread to go with it) and am planning on roasting a turkey-- once I find one in the grocery stores! There will also be the return of soups and roasted veggies (hello brussels sprouts, I missed you!). I bought some mixed grain hot cereal at TJ's today and plan on creating some porridge concoctions as well as some "healthy" baked goods. Tip: use cooler weather to your advantage by investing in a crock pot to make everything from soups, to meat products, and even hot cereals. It will be a great time-saver, and you can batch cook recipes to have leftovers for lunches and dinner during the busy workweek :)

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