Monday, October 3, 2011

Crabby Monday

Guess what? It's raining . . . AGAIN! Sheesh. I am done with the rain. Now add in the cold factor and it seems to have skipped over Fall and gone straight to dreary winter. Blah. I am sharing my dinner [pictured] above-- one of my personal favs: snow crab legs, green beans, and jicama (kind of got cut off, but certainly worth mentioning as it is delicious).

Things accomplished today:
1) prepared handouts for patients in my Manassas office tomorrow :)
2) answered interview questions for a piece in the Loudoun Times Mirror newspaper
3) took the day OFF from lifting to allow for proper recovery of sore muscles
4) made an oatmeal loaf substituting NuNaturals Fiber Blend for sweetener and peanut butter instead of oil-- verdict? crappy texture but the taste wasn't too bad (not worth photographing)
5) saw the cutest puppies (yorkies and some other small breed mix) and tried to convince Director Doc we need company ;)

I am contemplating a hefty work decision at the moment that involves teaching at a medical college . . . not sure if I am going to take this on right now. More to come . . .

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