Monday, August 15, 2011

Two Degrees Review

Two Degrees Bar
My overall impression is that this bar does not taste like chocolate peanut, but the company does an amazing job of donating a nutrition pack to feed hungry children and using whole, quality ingredients that are anti-inflammatory-friendly. Check out their website for ordering information as well as a list of other flavors offered:
Nutrition Stats:
190 calories (about the same as most nutrition bars- not too high or low)
10 grams total fat (2 grams saturated fat)
24 g total carbs (half of this is sugar- not a great complex CHO source)
3g fiber (I like to choose >5g fiber products)
12 g sugar (a little high for a bar-- goal<8g)
5g protein (my minimum requirement is 5g protein for bars)
20% DV iron and 6% DV calcium
This food bar contains quinoa, chia, and millet as a base with no artificial sweeteners added.

In other nutrition-related news, this is an interesting article that will effect everyone who eats out (not just in NYC):
Restaurant will have to dish on nutrition
The law requiring nutrition information will go into effect nationwide next year.
Many chains are offering more healthful options, but diners often don't take advantage of the better choices.,0,6680201.story

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