Monday, August 8, 2011

Nutrition Tidbits for the Week Ahead

I am sharing some of my favorite new research articles with you today, along with my own conclusions:

Bag Lunch a Foodborne Illness Risk for Preschoolers: Study

It proves that it does not matter if the food you pack is healthy, if that food is subject to warm temperatures, it can cause illness and in extreme cases, death! Insulated coolers and portable totes MUST stay out of direct sun and in cool, dry environments to avoid this contamination issue. This goes for those of us (me included!) who travel and bring food with us . . .stay safe :)

The scary trend of tweens with anorexia

As a former gymnast, myself, I am well-aware of the physical and psychological demands of this, and other, sports (anyone seen Black Swan). I deal with these vary patients on a daily basis and find it extremely frustrating when I hear some of the same examples used in this article ("I want to be a vegetarian") in early consultations, only later to find out that the dietary restriction later turned into a full-blown eating disorder. Parents really need to know their children and not only observe their daily habits, but also communicate to ensure that sports, hobbies, and other "new interests" are healthy additions to the child's lifestyle.

Tending to a community garden may foster higher fruit and vegetable consumption,0,1293514.story

This is a no-brainer but is nice as an additional supporting document to stating a community garden at schools, retirement communities, and neighborhoods. If you grow it, you will eat it. Period. Just make sure you pick the produce before it feeds all of the local wildlife . . .

Men's Health Magazine Ranks Worst Appetizers

(Kim Schwabenbauer, RD quoted)

I added this article for more effect regarding the need to order wisely when eating away from home. I am pretty sure that it does not surprise anyone to find fried calamari and guac with chips as diet no-no's. I think that the portion size of these appetizers is also to blame. The alternative choice of a main lobster tail (I guess economic status was not considered as a variable) dipped into cocktail sauce is similar in enjoyment factor, but I think the lack of "crunch" seems to be the overall theme that misses the mark when patrons look to desirable apps. I'm all about crudite and a hummus platter, or you could just order that fried calamari and share it with 8 of your closest friends-- probably the same calorie count by that point ;)

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