Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Change Up

Greetings [secret] followers . . . .I am aware that more people are actually following my blog but not revealing themselves and/or commenting. No worries. I don't want anyone feeling forced or uncomfortable so please just keep following and letting me know "off the record."

So the title of my post has a few meanings. One being the recent Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman movie. I must say, it was really funny- like I cried so hard I was crying and woke up with sore abs the next day from laughing so hard FUNNY! I like movies sans tear-jerking themes (the sad variety) and aliens (still not sure why they show those types of previews when I came to see a light-hearted romantic comedy). This was a win in my book (and only 1.5hours rather than the ever-so-popular 3 hour sagas.

The other "change up" occurred in the Haas household in regards to our pans. We have officially tossed all of our nonstick pans in favor of stainless steel. This comes, sadly after we had registered and received our wedding gifts, as an attempt to lessen our toxin load and hopefully prevent some cancers. After attending the Food As Medicine conference last year, Director Doc and I were overwhelmed with new research and practices that required change . . .change is hard, and expensive (at first), and hard. But we decided that this change was necessary in our effort to live healthy lifestyles. I should also mention that it was semi-prompted by DD's attempt at making pancakes after working a night shift with 1 hour of sleep total over 24 hours and burning the crap out of several pans. I reacted calmly and rationally, of course, and threw everything out proclaiming that it is a sign that we NEED new, stainless steel pans NOW. And here they are . .

Dinner Tonight:
Italian Meal Sans Gluten
Chicken Breasts (as many as would fit into my crock pot, covered with crushed tomatoes, set on LOW for 5 hours)
Served with brown rice penne and Classico Tomato and Basil sauce (as well as some leftover sauteed mushrooms, zucchini, onions, and a yellow pepper)

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