Thursday, September 22, 2011


I am back! The much-needed hiatus was a result of balance, or lack thereof, between working, playing, and everything in between. So what are some of the things that occurred during my "break?" I turned 30; ironically, on the same day that an East Coast earthquake decided to shake things up. I managed to miss its effects as Director Doc, who thoughtfully took of to celebrate with me, and I were hiking and did not feel any movement. Shortly after, Hurricane Irene decided to wash through the area leaving muddy trails and a lot of over-hyped chaos when shopping and trying to watch favorite tv shows ("we interrupt this program to bring you the latest developments on the Hurricane . . . blah blah blah). It seemed like just a few days later, more severe and relentless rains wreaked havoc on the area. Not as televised, but definitely news-worthy flooding (luckily we live on a giant hill and avoided the indoor pool project :) After all of the dark clouds, the silver lining came in the form of a much needed R&R vacay/working conference in Miami. Hooray for warm, sunny beaches and gorgeous pools! I hope to be back on my blogging bandwagon with more nutrition-related news, but for now, I will leave you with this quote:

"We owe much to the fruitful meditation of our sages, but a sane view of life is, after all, elaborated mainly in the kitchen."
-Joseph Conrad

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