Friday, December 2, 2011


TruFit and Healthy Haas Better Body Package
(call for pricing)
Includes: 3 nutrition consults with meal planning, grocery tour, and eating out tips AND 3 in-home training sessions with Jaime Follows, CPT and owner of TruFit!

The Healthy [Haas} Fitness [Excellence] Program -- call for pricing!
Includes . . .
Initial Consult and 2 Follow-up Consults with Jenn Haas, MS, RD; provides weeklong meal plans with recipes, tips for eating out, supplement recommendations, and customized disease treatment and/or prevention plan based on individual needs
Fitness Assessment and 2 Customized Workout Plans created by Chris Ridgway, CPT; option for e-mail or phone correspondence
This is a great holiday gift idea for your family, friends, or yourself! Give the gift of HEALTH and FITNESS with this unique program. This offer will end come January 1, 2012!

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