Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Below are “13 Ways To Healthier Holiday Meals:”

H ave low fat /low carb pre-dinner snacks such as raw veggies to munch on.

A void eating the turkey skin, which provides half of the fat in one serving of poultry.

P lan ahead to make sure you are not starving all day and then overindulging at the holiday meal.

P ractice portion control and limit seconds.

Y ams and sweet potatoes can be prepared without margarine and avoid the marshmallow topping.

H ave spray olive oil available for rolls and steamed veggies.

O verfill your plate with veggies and leave only a small space for higher fat/higher “carb” foods.

L eave the leftovers for someone else-eating the extras for 2 weeks won’t help your waistline.

I nclude green vegetables as half of your plate and the rest can be comprised of your favorite seasonal dishes.

D ownsize your dinnerware; use small plates.

A llow your food to “breathe;” don’t pile food high on your plate.

Y olks can be removed from boiled eggs to decrease fat in the cornbread dressing.

S ubstitute low-fat/reduced- carbohydrate ingredients as often as possible.

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