Friday, June 3, 2011

Fit Friday

So I have decided to do a "Fit Friday" series that details ways to incorporate fitness into a daily lifestyle. Today I am going to speak about beating cardio boredom, as I have developed some amazing strategies that have helped me overcome hours on the treadmill, bike, elliptical, etc. The main aide I employ is the magazine. . . as does my other gym buddy ;) Our gym does not offer magazines, so I have found another equally eager fitness enthusiast to share her stash of mags as I do with her. We bring them in periodically (pun intended) and keep the topics varied and selection diverse in nature to provoke new thoughts and ideas that we can later share during our "walking and talking" [therapy] sessions. This is an economical way to provide some new educational and often entertaining material to be disseminated. We are starting to do the same with books, though the font size and length of the novel can be troublesome when factoring in a body in motion.

I will leave you with a new addition to my home gym- a spin bike!! It is always a good idea to have backup workout plans so having a few key pieces of equipment at home helps me stick to my goal setting plans and prevents excuses.

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