Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Healthy Living

10 things you can do today for a healthier, happier you!


1. Drink A LOT of water today! It will prevent headaches and prevent you from feeling overly hungry (especially for those who are enduring some intense workouts!).

2. Get rid of all your leftover super bowl treats! Try sending leftovers home with party attendees, take them to work, or drop them off at neighbors' homes if they are tempting.

3. Get your workout in today! After any food-focused occasion, you are probably feeling a bit sluggish the next day. Get moving and you will feel better!

4.Kill Germs! Go through your house with a sanitization wipe and give every door handle, railing, and light switch a good scrub to get rid of pesky germs that could cause a sickness. If nothing else, be aware of washing your hands before eating and avoid touching your face during the day.

5. Get Pretty! Take 10 minutes and curl your hair, do your makeup, or paint your nails. This is something that will help you feel better about yourself and out you in a healthy mindset to make good choices.

6.Plan a healthy dinner! With a Lean meat, veggies, and a healthy fat.

7. Don’t eat anything processed today.

8. STRETCH! Try to touch your toes.

9.Park far away. Take that last parking lot sport and burn a few extra calories walking in.

10. Turn on some music and dance around - there is no excuse about poor gym class schedules or fear about other class participants watching you dance, you can do this in a small space anywhere in your home, apartment, or bedroom.

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